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Warmth, Understanding, and Transparency working together to help you live a more

Mindful Life

Mindful Life

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see ~ Henry David Thoreau

Healing starts with safety and warmth and my priority is to provide you a protected, non-judgmental space to connect with yourself. My name is Mykia and I created The Mindful Life Company with the sole intent of creating a space to allow for creative expression, thoughtful process, and mindful authenticity. I want to help you increase the possibility of you living a healthier, more mindful life.


If you feel you're ready to begin your therapeutic journey, or even just interested in learning more about the therapeutic process, I'm glad we've crossed paths and I'd be honored to walk alongside you, shining some light on the way.


You are seen. You are heard.  Your experiences are valid.

Providing you with a safe space for whatever life may throw your way.

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Young Adults & Millennials

Individual therapy is a collaborative, 1-on-1 process in which you are truly free to be yourself while we work together to reach your personal goals. Whether you want to process, heal, or just get out of your own mind, your time and space will be for You.

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Couples &

Relationships can work but good relationships take work. Whether your concern is communication, role negotiation, or healing emotional wounds,  your partner will be provided a compassionate, neutral space to evolve your relationship.

Mother Helps Stressed Teenage Daughter W
Adolescents & 

Every child is unique and not only do they develop, learn, and grow differently, they all have their own dreams and personalities to match. Therapy does not 'fix' your child, but provides them a space to speak freely, learn about themselves, and find some skills to manage every-day life challenges.

Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience - Jon Kabat-Zinn

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