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Therapy for the both of You

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Common Issues & Concerns Addressed

Depression ~ Communication ~ Infidelity

Healing Emotional Wounds

Difficulty with Intimacy

Trust issues and concerns

Financial disagreements

Military Life adjustments ~ Career Impacts 

Boundary concerns 

Life Transitions and adjustments 

It's complicated when you know your relationship is worth fighting for but you can't seem to quit fighting. Both new and long-standing relationships take work, but it can be even more difficult when you aren't on the same page. As a therapist, I won't side with you or your partner, but I will side with you as in your relationship. Therapy can serve as a neutral, non-judgemental space where swallowed concerns are able to be seen, really looked-at, and demystified. From communication and intimacy to infidelity and uncertainty about staying together, your relationship will be prioritized and your goals will be the focus.

Therapy has the ability to:

- Increase understanding of needs within the relationship

- Strengthen tolerance to small and large stressors

- Increase the ability to articulate experiences and resolve conflict

- Improve productive communication

- Increase possibility of overall relationship satisfaction.

If you and your partner are open to removing the veil over your relationship concerns, let's get to work!

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