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Therapy for You

Common Issues & Concerns Addressed



Self-Esteem / Confidence

Emotional Healing and Regulation

Trauma / Grief


Identity Concerns

Family Conflict

Issues with Resentment and Forgiveness

Academic and Career Issues

Boundary Concerns

Life Transitions and Adjustments


Peer and Romantic Relational Concerns

Whether your goal is to heal emotional wounds or create boundaries and repair relationships, my aim is to support you on your path to get there.

Therapy is what you want to make it, and at no point should you worry about being judge while we formulate a plan towards the self you want. My goal is to learn more about you to help you to grow your awareness which will in turn help you overcome existing and future roadblocks.

You may not be ready to process painful memories or to confront impactful experiences, and you might just want to explore why a situation or conversation went the way it did.

But if you didn’t know, this is okay


You have the right to heal yourself at your own pace and on your own turns, and when you're ready, I'll be ready to walk right next to you down the path of self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love.

The possible benefits to therapy include:

- Greater understanding of yourself, your needs, and boundaries

- Increased sense of self-control and self-regulation

- Increased productive communication

- Stronger tolerance to negative experiences

- Increased possibility of a more mindful life

Therapy is for everyone, including you. Let's see what kind of work we can accomplish!

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