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Therapy for  your Adolescents and Teens

Adolescents and Teens often do their best to regulate themselves, but there are always instances in life where self-regulation is incredibly difficult or seemingly impossible.

At some point, every child will face with challenges and struggles as they work through stages of childhood. Similarly, our teenagers also face difficulties on top of trying to navigate growing up with growing responsibilities. From anxiety and behavioral issues to trauma and major life transitions, it makes sense for our children to feel overwhelmed and exhausted as we do.


My goals when working with adolescents and teens is to step into their shoes and learn about what matters to them which will help to guide the therapeutic process. I often use multiple strategies and modes of expression to allow them to feel safe and free to express themselves. Therapy will provide a space to explore their emotions, but also provide them with different perspectives which may allow for sound decision-making during future challenges. My goal is to allow a space for them to be and better understand their authentic selves and their world.

Therapy has the potential to help your children:

- Increase their understanding of feelings and actions

- Develop a greater tolerance to challenges faced

- Increase their ability express experiences and needs

- Improve productive communication

- Better management of stress and behavioral issues

If you think your child could benefit from therapy, reach out and let's work together and create a plan!

Happy teen girl college student laughing study with books and laptop in library, cheerful

Common Issues & Concerns Addressed

Sadness / Down Moods


Self-Esteem / Autonomy / Confidence

Emotional Regulation 

Anger Management

Trauma / Grief

C-19 School Transitions / Academic issues

Developing Identity Concerns

Boundary Concerns


Peer and Family Relational Concerns

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